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Itinerari turistici in Sabina nel Lazio

Tourist itineraries in Sabina (Lazio)



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Itineraries in Sabina

Art, nature, sports, wine and cuisine, hobby. With the help of a map you will be able to become familiar with the Sabina territory, plan your stay and also your leisure activities.
cartina della provincia di Rieti e principali percorsi

From the point where the Aniene river flows into the Tiber, the Sabina area stretches out in the shape of an elegant vase through Umbria and Lazio, and further north into the Apennines as far as Norcia and Accumoli, its most distant towns.

Nowadays 66% of the Sabina territory lies in the Rieti district. Part of the remaining territory lies in the Rome district (the so-called Sabina Romana), another part lies in Umbria (the areas of Narni, Amelia and the upper Valnerina), and yet another part lies in Abruzzo (the Aterno valley, as far as Aquila). The name Sabina was originally used to describe an area with variable boundaries, belonging to the Pontificial State, situated between Rieti, the Turano valley and the Tiber valley, with the exception of the Velino and Salto valleys.


Rome can easily be reached from all towns in the Sabina area by motorway, state roads, buses and trains. The regular train service called ‘Ferrovia Metropolitana’ enables you to be amongst the ancient walls and monuments of the world’s most beautiful city in little more than half an hour.

Case vacanze - Relax in Sabina

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In Sabina

Via Roberto Ruffili, 128 - 02047 Poggio Mirteto - Rieti

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